“Ancient Pagan Bible – The Epic ‘Sasna Tsrer’” By Arthur Armin

The book “Ancient pagan Bible – the epic ‘Sasna Tsrer’” was presented in Yerevan. On Thursday, the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia hosted the presentation of the first volume of this book. The work was authored by honorary doctor, member of the International Academy of Sciences of Nature and Society Arthur Armin (Babayan).

The epic “Sasna Tsrer” reflects the national liberation struggle of the Armenian people against Arab rule. Its main character, David of Sasun, is one of the most beloved and famous heroes of Armenian folklore.

According to the author, this book tells about the “numerical design” of the epic and about the secrets that numbers contain. “Each number mentioned in the epic has its own purpose and explains everything that happened to the Armenian people in a particular historical period, presenting the history of Armenians in time and space,” he said.

Armin emphasized that according to the concept of the epic, everything that happens in the universe is predetermined and ordered in accordance with numbers.

“To study the Armenian epic means to try to understand the system of the universe laid in its foundation and to restore the general picture of ancient beliefs and their internal target orientation,” he said.

According to the author, the epic “Sasna Tsrer” is the birth certificate of the Armenian people, its genetic code. “Its age is determined by the age of the people who gave birth to this epic.”

In turn, philologist Armen Davtyan noted that the book is distinguished by the highest degree of persuasiveness, and “even those who disagree with it will find it difficult to refute its theses”.

According to him, this edition is the first to decipher the numerical codes contained in the epic “Sasna Tsrer”. “This is a new scientific view in this sense,” Davtyan added.

The book “Ancient pagan Bible – the epic ‘Sasna Tsrer’” consists of two parts. The first one presents the hidden scientific meaning of ancient beliefs – mathematical, geographic, and astronomical components of the universe since ancient times. The second part of the book analyzes the esoteric meaning inherent in the epic, confirming that the epic “Sasna Tsrer” is a pagan symbol of faith.

The book was published with the financial assistance of the Social and Cultural Organization “Diaspora” and the International Academy of Sciences of Nature and Society.

Arthur Armin has authored three other books – “Metamorphosis”, “Letters of Loneliness”, and “Little Mher”.

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