“Ancient Temples Of Armenia” – Film By Stas Namin

For musician and producer Stas Namin, documentary films have long been a matter where he puts a lot of effort. His newest film is dedicated to the history and culture of Armenia.

“I wanted to make the premiere of this film back in spring, but the known situation changed my plans, and so far, no one knows how cinemas will operate. At the same time, there were about three hundred thousand views of the movie trailer on my Facebook page. And this is despite its educational rather than entertaining direction.

Therefore, I decided that it would be possible to show ‘Ancient Temples of Armenia’ on the Internet, and it would be convenient and safe for people,” Stas Namin said in an interview with MK.

Previously, the picture was shown only at several international festivals – with positive feedback. The movie is now available online to everyone.

Фильм «Древние храмы Армении». Документальный фильм Стаса Намина и Артема Микояна (2016)

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