Armenia – Place of Divine Creation

A message to the peoples of the world: Turks, Jews, Russians, Persians, Georgians, Germans, French, British, Americans, Italians, Arabs and everyone else.

• Armenia is a place of divine creation;
• Armenians are the roots of humanity and are at least 50,000 years old;
• Armenian – the creator and distributor of human civilization in the world;
• An Armenian is an apostle of God the Creator on planet Earth, who acts and lives according to the plan of Providence.

The Armenians have been carrying these statuses for many thousands of years and will continue to carry out the plan conceived by God. For many millennia, the Armenians have not changed and will not change the way of life given to them by God. Let those who try to oppress Armenians and plant their dirty and false “values” know this. This will never happen.

Don’t you know the character of the great Armenian people? The Armenian will continue:

• To defend the Motherland with all the might of their hand, soul and mind;
• To Worship to his God with all the strength of his body, soul and mind;
• To Love and care for your family with all the strength of your body, soul and mind.

These are the basic, inviolable principles of our existence. The Armenian was, is and will be one of a kind.

Translate, distribute, explain it to everyone.

Hamlet Martirosyan Translation Art-A-Tsolum

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