Armenian Alphabet Monument

Armenian Alphabet Monument is located in the Artashavan village of Aragatsotn region, on the Western slope of Mount Aragats.

The complex was built in 2005, on the 1600th anniversary of the creation of the Armenian alphabet. Architect: Jim Torosyan.

The complex includes sculptures of 39 letters of the Armenian alphabet, as well as monuments of great Armenian thinkers.

Gregory the Illuminator, Tigran the Great and Mesrop Mashtots, “The Creation of Letters, 405” Movses Xorenaci, Anania Shirakatsi

The left hand raised by Anania Shirakatsi is the symbol of the earth and the universe, and the right hand is directed downwards. According to the sculptor, the hands raised above and below are a testament to the connection between heaven and earth.

Khachatur Abovyan, Abovyan’s words are sculpted under the statue. “Give your breath, your soul, but do not give your homeland to enemies.”

Tumanyan and one of his heroes “Gikor”

Anahit Hayrapetian in Armenians And Armenia

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