Armenian cap in the Waverly Novels by Sir Walter Scott, 1865

Written in the Waverly Novels by Sir Walter Scott, 1865. It says “The Jew undid the folds of his Armenian cap”.

This same Armenian cap was not only used by the Armenian and Ethiopian Israelites (ancestors of the Christians today) and modern-day Jewish people but it was also used by Muslims, tribes around the Mediterranean in the middle ages, and old tribes from Mesopotamia.

Just like the so-called “Phrygian cap” that is used by the ancient tribes in southern Europe, Phrygia, and “Anatolia”, it was even used on South American flags and banners for the same reason many South American nations have red, blue, yellow/orange colors as their flag colors.

Simply because of the Paulician-Conquistadors from Spain who arrived in South America in the 15th century and named it ‘NUEVA ARMENIA’ (New Armenia).

Armenia the true house of Israel & Judah

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