Armenian Church In Turkey Turned Into A Mosque

We are used to the barbaric treatment of our ancient historical heritage in Azerbaijan and Turkey. We are used to the fact that in spite of the ancient Armenian symbolism, these two tribes will still insist that they have built something somewhere. We are already accustomed to the fact that they are looking for their heritage where it does not exist and cannot exist, falsifying history right, left, and center.

We are even accustomed to the fact that the outside world, claiming to be civilized, turns a blind eye to all these actions and the destruction of one the most ancient civilizations existing on earth.

We are talking about the Armenian civilization.

It is the Armenian civilization that is undergoing total destruction and is hushed up because there is not a single nation in the world that would not have a hand in its robbery, falsification, and destruction. The main goal for them is to cover everything up.

But we are not used to the fact that people who call themselves Armenians insist that we can live with barbarians, robbers, and murderers. Moreover, these so-called Armenians suggest starting a reconciliation process without any preconditions, guaranteeing that on our part – that is, on the part of the Armenians – there will be no complaints.

This was stated by Pashinyan in his last address to the Turks. He is the so-called Armenian along with his mentor Levon Ter-Petrosyan and his Kremlin-Soros curators.

Do we really have no complaints? Are we really ready to begin reconciliation without preconditions? Doesn’t it matter that the goal of the Turks and Azerbaijanis is the same as before? Doesn’t it matter that the robbed Armenian people would never receive compensation for robbery, violence, and murder? Not to mention guarantees?

No complaints? Then look!

Vigen Avetisyan

Kars, Historical Armenia (occupied by Turkey). This is a lonely Armenian Church turned into a mosque, and against its background is the singing of a muezzin. The Turks did not even bother to remove the crosses from the walls of the temple. These sons of barbarians do not care where to take care of their religious needs.

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