Armenian Churches Are Being Destroyed In Van

In Van, Historical Armenia, there are about 100 Armenian churches left.

Most churches have been demolished in recent years, especially during the AKP’s rule, and many churches have been converted into stables. If this trend continues with the last remaining churches, they will disappear from the face of the earth.

The most important of the hundreds of churches left by the Armenian people in their Historical Homeland are Akhtamar, Saint Bartholomew, and Seven Churches. Thanks to international attention and public pressure, various restoration works were carried out on Akhtamar Island, allowing its monastery complex to survive.

The Seven Churches (Varagavank), also known as the place where the Armenians published the “Van Orel” newspaper, is located in the Bakraçlı village at the foot of Mount Erek. Only the walls of the Seven Churches remain standing as the ceilings collapsed after years of use as barns. The walls are also in danger of collapsing.

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