Armenian Inscription on the Wall of the 13th-century Bourges Cathedral in Paris

Portraits from the Sarkis Diranyan Gallery According to “Nouvelles d`Arménie”, in the Bourges Cathedral in France, one of the columns features an inscription in Armenian dating back to the Middle Ages.

The bulletin of the Bourges Diocese states:

“This is an inscription in Armenian letters on the column of the left nave towards the choir. It consists of thirteen characters, forming three words in two lines…

The first line contains one word – ‘Sarkis’… The second line contains two words: ‘tsara’, which means ‘servant’, and ’Astso’, which means ‘God’s.’

Armenian history mentions the relocation of some Armenians to France around the 12th century.

The inscription refers to this era, mentioning the relocation of Sarkis, a servant of God, at a time when the Bourges Cathedral was being built.”

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