Armenian Language – The Key to Armenia

Armenian Language - The Key to ArmeniaHaykaram Mserian from London spoke in Armenian with an English accent. “In 1946, we lived in Beirut. At the time, my father was going to visit Armenia for the first time.

‘What should I bring to you, Haykaram?’ he asked me.

‘Keys to Armenia.’ I was then four years old.

After his return, I asked: ‘Well, did you bring it?’ ‘Yes.’ Father handed me a family photo with me, my father, and my mother. ‘Look at the back side.’

I looked but did not understand anything. My father took the photo and solemnly read: ‘Dear Haykaram, the key to Armenia is the Armenian language. Learn it, and you will open all the doors here.’

Father was silent, as I remember, he was teared up. He said the name of the person who wrote these words: Avetik Isahakyan…”

Keys to Armenia – Armenian language – Vardges Petrosyan

The words of the Varpet (master) spoken twenty-five years ago are addressed to the hundreds of thousands of young men and women living in a foreign land.

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