Armenian Lenkoran “Vishapagorg” Carpet, 1800-1850

Rare red-ground 1800-1850 Armenian Lenkoran “Vishapagorg” Carpet (dragon carpet), Vishap (dragon), and Gorg (carpet) in Armenian.

On the red main field are two large polygons enclosed in the characteristic depiction of the Vishap (dragon). Various small and large secondary motifs with geometric ornaments.

The rare blue main border with large colorful large palmettes, flowers, and delicate tendrils are not typical for this type as Lenkoran carpets usually have a dark main field with a light main border and a border design that is not so striking.

Certain motifs are obligatory for the Dragon-Lenkoran group including a stylized dragon guarding the tree of life.

by Arto Tavukciyan

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