Armenians and Italians – Antonio Montalto

Armenians and Italians

Armenians and Italians are very similar – this is expressed in many things. I live in Gyumri, I have acquired one of the most beautiful buildings of the city dating to the 1800s. Here are houses, workshops, hotels, parks. I have seen Armenia in Soviet times, I have seen it during the war, I see it now.

Many believe that there is no future and everything is bad, but there indeed is future. Already today, fewer people leave the city than before. We must return Gyumri to its former greatness and status.

Your sense of taste is similar to ours, but I believe that the Soviet era played a role and has changed your style a little. It is very important to recover it, that sense of taste in everything.

Today, we are working on the restoration of two streets. In general, aesthetics should be in everything – a person waking up in the morning should go out and be energized.

I believe that for the well-being and development of Armenia, the most important is lacking – responsibility. Everyone should be in their place and approach their work responsibly.

Antonio Montalto, former Ambassador of Italy to Armenia who has moved to live in Armenia

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