Arno Babajanyan’s Last Interview

Arno Babajanyan's Last Interview

Below is the last interview of the People’s Artist of the USSR, outstanding composer Arno Harutyunovich Babajanyan which he gave in the fall of 1983 in the House of Composers in Dilijan.

The interview was conducted by National Artist of Armenia, founder and first announcer of the Armenian Television Nara Surenovna Shlepchyan. This is a version of the recording without editing, which makes it possible to better recognize Arno Harutyunovich as an interlocutor.

On the same day, he performed his new work “Dreams”, which he managed to record with the State Symphony Orchestra of Gosteleradio, with the conductor being composer Melik Mavisakalyan. On November 11 of the same year, Arno Harutyunovich passed away.

The premiere of “Dreams” took place in the same year in the New Year program. Unfortunately, Arno Babajanyan didn’t live to see the premiere of his creation. His place at the grand piano was empty, but the magic sounds of the melody performed by the author nonetheless entered our homes and hearts from the screens.

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