Arsemia Ruins Are Closed To Visitors Due To An Earthquake

After an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 in Severidge, Adıyaman Province (formerly Kharberd, historical Armenia), Turkey, cracks and massive landslides occurred in the ruins of the Nemrut Mountain National Park in the Samsat (formerly Samosat) district and the area of Kahta fortress.

For security reasons, the area is now closed to visitors.

The old Kahta Fortress is located east of the Kahta River where the kingdom of Commagene was located. Commagene was a Hellenistic kingdom situated in the territory of ancient southern Armenia.

In front of the fortress are the ruins of Arsemia, the district’s summer capital and administrative center. The ruins were closed down after the earthquake by the authorities. Tour operator Mehmet Kutlar said that after the opening of the season, the area may still be dangerous for tourists.

“After the earthquake, there are many cracks in the upper areas of the fortress. Parts of it have collapsed. Even with light rain, a landslide can occur. This place is very dangerous. We have requested the authorities to restore the territory without harming anyone.”

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