Art Nouveau buildings preserved in Gyumri

Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) (Liberty style) French: moderne, late 19th century – early 20th century.

In Yerevan, there were also buildings in the Art Nouveau style, but they were demolished, and in Gyumri they have survived to this day.

Thanks to the residents of Gyumri, they say that they will build a new quarter of old Yerevan buildings in Gyumri. We’ll see…

The powerful message of a building depends on its location and history, the rest is Disneyland. I admire the main entrance of the photo of the building in Gyumri published below.

PS My friends from Gyumri say that the doorknob of this building was a real work of art, but it was removed and sold.

I hope this was the last vandalism.

Sukias Torosyan Translation Art-A-Tsolum

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