Ashot I Bagratuni – The Liberator of Armenia – 9th Century

Ashot I Bagratuni – The Liberator of ArmeniaThe Bagratids emerged as one of the most powerful noble families in Armenia with the fall of the Mamikonian dynasty, previously a strong force in Armenia. Ashot I Bagratuni, the founder of the Bagratid dynasty, was known for his resilient character.

Having gone through the liberation struggle of 850 – 855, Ashot I Bagratuni was eventually crowned the Lord of Armenia in 855.

The decades of Ashot’s tireless efforts directed towards the restoration and international recognition of the Armenian Kingdom haven’t been in vain. Thanks to Ashot’s relentless drive, Armenia restored its sovereignty after some 450 years of the suzerainty of Persia and Arab Caliphates.

His skillful diplomacy also allowed him to reestablish Armenia without a major armed conflict. In 885 – 890, Ashot I spent the last years of his life as the King of revived Armenia, eventually passing the torch of freedom to his successors.

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