Azerbaijan created the Soviet Union

The soviet union created Azerbaijan, and gave Artsakh to the Azeris, so the Azeris claim that land was recognized as Azerbaijan. Okay, so why hasn’t Levon, Serzh, Robert, or Nikol reignited the importance and relevance of the Treaty of Sevres?

An internationally binding legitimate document. Turkey recognized an Independent Armenia in May 1918, which was pretty much the Wilsonian-Armenia. The United States, Germany, and the allies recognized it as well. It’s documented.

If “Karabagh” is Azerbaijan, then Ararat, Kars, Van, and a good proportion of eastern Turkey today are Armenia.

Who has stopped us from legally reclaiming and taking back our land for the last 106 years even with the Treaty of Sevres? Was it the American government, the British government, or the modern-day bolsheviks who control Russia today?

Or was it our very own people?

Ancient Armenoids

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