China Recognizes Ararat As An Armenian Land? – Ancient Civilizations Are Friends, While Nomads Are Raging

The People’s Republic of China sent humanitarian aid to Armenia in containers. These containers had the following written on them: “May our friendship (be) higher than Mountain Ararat and longer than Yangtze River”. Mount Ararat was also portrayed on the containers.

Thus, the Chinese side, if not officially, then at least ideologically, at the level of understanding and feeling, recognizes that Ararat is the heart of Armenia and that this mountain has ended up on the territory of a neighboring entity hostile to the Armenian people and the Armenian statehood only thanks to an absurd historical accident.

It is logical that such a gesture from the Chinese side angered the Turks, and official Ankara did not fail to summon the Chinese Ambassador to Turkey for clarification. Such a reaction cannot but cause a smile – the fury that the descendants of yesterday’s nomads come to in the face of the convergence of two ancient civilizations – Armenian and Chinese – is obvious.

It is noteworthy that Turkey does not have the resource to put pressure on the PRC – on the contrary, the Celestial Empire is investing in communication routes on Turkish territory within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. China also has a fairly extensive trade turnover with Ankara and openly “tolerates” the pan-Turkic aspirations of its partner.

This patience, as Turkey’s brazen and aggressive rhetoric grows, will obviously come to an end, and then, the latter will have real problems.

And Armenia, in turn, will not forget the kind gesture of the Chinese partners and will not hesitate to provide them assistance in pressurizing the Turks. And there, perhaps, Ararat will become closer to the Armenian people, and not only mentally.


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