CNN The Silk Road: Armenian carpets

CNN explores the rich traditions of Armenian carpet weaving. Over time, the ancient craft turned into a multimillion-dollar industry. Traditionally, wall hangings and floor carpets have been used in Armenia since ancient times. Interior walls, sofas, chairs, beds and tables were decorated with carpets.

Until now, carpets are often used as curtains and decoration of church altars and sacristy. In Armenia, carpet weaving developed as a part of everyday life. The art of carpet weaving was compulsory in every Armenian family, and women were traditionally involved in carpet weaving.

Armenian carpets are a unique phenomenon. Carpets in Armenia consist of ornaments that reflect the sacred symbols of belief and religious beliefs of the ancient ancestors of the Armenians who have come down to us from the depths of the centuries.

The basis for the creation of any new Armenian carpet is the creation and presentation of an ornament in an unlimited number of variations in styles and colors. In this respect, a characteristic feature of Armenian carpets is a large selection of changeable ornaments, which are enhanced by a wide range of natural colors and shades.

CNN The Silk Road: Armenian carpets

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