Exploring the Linguistic Insights of Boghos de Constantinople: The Root of Armenian Words

Boghos de Constantinople, a distinguished official and linguist in the Ottoman Empire’s foreign ministry, offered intriguing insights into the Armenian language, particularly focusing on the root ‘AR’. This exploration uncovers how this root influences the meaning of words in Armenian, a language rich in history and culture.

The Root ‘AR’ and Its Significance

At the heart of Boghos de Constantinople’s linguistic study is the root ‘AR’, which forms the basis of the Armenian word ‘Arev’ (meaning ‘sun’). This root is pivotal in understanding the derivation of several Armenian words, revealing how the same root can lead to vastly different meanings based on its combination with other sounds.

The Affirmative Nature of ‘BARI’

The word ‘Bari’, translating to ‘good’, ‘kind’, ‘gentle’, ‘generous’, is an embodiment of positivity in the Armenian language. Boghos de Constantinople attributed its derivation to the combination of the affirmative consonant sound ‘B’ and the sun-like, manly ‘ARI’. This blend results in a word that conveys warmth and benevolence, much like the nurturing qualities of the sun.

The Contrast with ‘CHAR’

In stark contrast, the word ‘CHAR’, meaning ‘evil’, ‘bad’, ‘malignant’, ‘malevolent’, and ‘cowardly’, emerges from a combination of the negative consonant prefix ‘CH’ with ‘ARI’. This amalgamation takes the root in a completely opposite direction, demonstrating the versatile nature of language and how the addition of a single sound can alter meaning dramatically.

The Linguistic Mastery of Boghos de Constantinople

Boghos de Constantinople’s analysis showcases the depth and complexity of the Armenian language. His work underlines the importance of linguistic roots and how they shape the meaning and tone of words. Through his studies, he has provided valuable insights into the nuances of language formation and evolution, particularly in the context of Armenian linguistics.

The linguistic contributions of Boghos de Constantinople highlight the rich tapestry of the Armenian language. His analysis of the root ‘AR’ and its derivatives ‘Pari’ and ‘CHAR’ offers a fascinating glimpse into how language can simultaneously convey contrasting sentiments of warmth and malice. This exploration not only enriches our understanding of Armenian linguistics but also celebrates the broader complexities and beauties of language.

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