Garegin Nzhdeh: “I Saw The Best Armenian” – Quotes

“In our battles, I saw the best Armenian – resigned to death, he was a warrior who rushed to the enemy with the determination to defeat him at any cost. I also recognized the worst Armenian who committed cowardly crimes.

The former is ready to die for the sake of immortality and the continuation of the life of his people and the honor of their weapons, while the latter would live at all costs so that the glory of the enemy survives.”

“The meaning of life is spiritual development rather than material.”

“Self-defense is the only craft whose mistakes are corrected by the enemy’s bloody sword rather than by a pen, brush, or hammer.”

“Staying in the mountains means being a Rebel. Do not come off the mountains! Do not recognize the power of uninvited aliens!”

“Homeland. Love and respect for the memory of our ancestors; for our religion which is the heart of the Family; for the native language which is the leaven of patriotism; for the oldest literature and art which are the life of the soul and the mind of the people, as well as the history of efforts to ‘strengthen the spirit of the Family’ and progress from generation to generation.

Blood and sweat spilled on the native land, the sword of Tigran Ashkharakal, the ruins of Ani and the bow of Hayk, our pagan gods and temples, and our unshakable faith in great Hope – reader, add this all together, and you will get your spiritual homeland!”

“The homeland gives one a sense of just pride, the deepest suffering, the most integral of confessions, and the holiest of deaths. A single call from the depths of the pagan centuries can still stir my blood.”

“Defeat, slavery, suffering – this is the fate of peoples who are adherents of falsehood.”

“I want to fly up to the Sun, but the ruthless world breaks my wings and makes me crawl. I want to be free and freely look at God’s light, but this heartless world turns you into a slave and makes you crawl.”

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