Garegin Nzhdeh On False Intellectuals

“Armenians do not yet have an idea of the evil that is called false intelligentsia. Armenians misuse the word intelligentsia, misunderstand its meaning. For us, an intellectual is every educated person. This is precisely the fatal mistake.

Study, education, scientific baggage – all this is necessary but not enough to make someone a real representative of the intelligentsia. A person can be erudite, but this does not give him the right to be called an intellectual.

A true intellectual is one who has a deep moral character, high ideological ideality, the ability to create new ideals, life forms, and spiritual courage, as well as has unlimited ability for compassion and love for his nation in its integrity.

The horror of our situation is that the majority of Armenians still do not understand the conditions of the modern world. The Armenian does not understand that for a people with such a neighbor and enemy as the Turks, the continuation of the old line is tantamount to national suicide.

One hand of the Armenian leader should be stretched out to the West to learn new achievements of engineering science, while the other hand should hold the moral code of his Family.”

Garegin Nzhdeh

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