Ghazaros Aghayan – Thoughts aloud

“Due to the fact that the head of our people is cast-iron (dumb), they do not understand their rights and obligations, do not understand what is good and what is bad, replaces lies with truth, puts truth instead of lies. What more can be said and how to explain it?

The people live in bragging, while a cowardly, slavish unfortunate soul lives inside them. The people walk in the dark, despising and trampling on the reasonable, crawling and groveling before the unreasonable, praising the shadow and belittling it about salvation.”

Ghazaros Aghayan 1890

Vergine Mitichyan in the group ԱֆՈՐԻԶՄՆԵՐ ԵՎ ՄՏՔԵՐ Translation Art-A-Tsolum

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