Gift of the Italian city of Carrara to Yerevan

During the years of the Soviet Union, Yerevan and Italian Carrara became twin cities. In the center of the city, outside the Eritasardakan metro station, there is a monument, a gift from the city of Carrara, and two hand brushes symbolize “Peace”.

Hands do have an interesting history. They are part of a public monument to Christ that was carved around a quarry where expensive Carrara marble is mined, but funding for the work was stopped and it remained unfinished. That’s how hands got into Armenia.

And in Carrara, there is a monument, edako Alaverdi from Armenians – the fountain of Rafi Israelian’s work, a gift from pink tuff. A copy of the fountain is across the street from the Hands

by Armenians And Armenia

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