God Of Courage Vahagn – Garegin Nzhdeh

Armenians had their Vahagn, the god of courage. He admired courage and was courageous himself… Brave people in general are the people of the spirit. Armenians are among them.

The courage of the pagan Armenian did not weaken in Christian Armenia. Along with his passion for exploits, this also took a new expression – voluntary suffering which in its depths is nothing but the pursuit of immortality through conscious brave death.

Here are our holy ancestors – Nerses the Great, Sahak, Mesrop, the heroic clan of the Mamikonyan commanders – Mushi, Vardan, Vahan, the living shields of Armenia – Ashot who became Iron in the flame of battle. And in modern times, we have Abovyan, Khrimyan, Alishan, Patkanyan, Zavaryan…

Finally, the revolutionaries and warriors were always ready to die – for them, Armenia was a deity, and the Armenians were a religion.

An unforgivable mistake is the explanation of the devotion of Armenians to Christianity by religious passion… The dominant consciousness has long been sitting in the Armenian – it is national, not religious… It Armenized Christianity very early.

The homeland gives a person a sense of just pride, the deepest suffering, the most integral of confessions, and the holiest of deaths. One invocation cry from the depths of the pagan centuries still resonates in my blood.

“Soldiers of Armenia, if we do not drown the enemy in these waves, we will no longer have a homeland” (Parilli). This means that one who retreats before mortal danger accepts that death has power over life. This means that the one who runs away when his homeland is fighting betrays everything sacred in this world. He abandons the ideal embedded in him, which is the homeland, and is destroyed morally.

Garegin Nzhdeh

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