Hnevank Monastery – The “Old Monastery”

Hnevank Monastery – The “Old Monastery”

Translated from Armenian, “Hnevank” means “old monastery”. And this is a very appropriate name. The exact date of the construction of this monastery is unknown. According to some sources, one of its churches was restored in the 12th century. However, judging by its architecture, its first church was built around the 7th century.

This dilapidated monastery now consists of three churches, a parish, and ancillary buildings.

Hnevank is located in the Lori Province of Armenia. The monastery stands on a hill in the gorge where the Dzoraget and Gargar rivers meet. The monastery is located 164 km from Yerevan in an about 2-hour drive.

According to the chronicles, the monastery was reconstructed in 1154 by Prince Smbat from the Orbelyan dynasty.

Several years ago, the Armenian government initiated the renovation of the monastery. As part of this project, the destroyed dome of the church was completely restored.

Other attractions in the Lori Province include Loriberd fortress, Akhtala fortress, the Stepanavan Arboretum, and many others.

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