Hovhannes Tumanyan About Healthy Lifestyle

The greatness of Hovhannes Tumanyan is being revealed even today. His works are so complex that very few manage to discern their depth to the end.

Tumanyan was a very curious person, always eager for new knowledge. He studied everything from philosophy to medicine, from theology to natural science. There were more than 8000 books in his library where medical books, magazines, and articles occupied a special place.

Tumanyan was convinced that an individual should maintain a healthy lifestyle, live properly, and exercise. In the medical literature from the writer’s library, notes made by him can often be found. Various recipes for medicinal herbs written by the writer have been preserved.

His daughter Nvard Tumanyan wrote: “Father really believed in the healing properties of herbs and flowers. He did not like the concept of ‘drugs’ – he took them with discontent and reluctance. But when he found out that this or that drug had been made from a plant known to him, he took it with great faith, talking about the properties of herbs and flowers.”

Nvard Tumanyan also noted that when they would go to Dsegh in the summer, their father would often write letters to them and advise them to spend time outside in free and clean air. He knew well the healing properties of thyme, mint, rose hip, and other herbs from his native mountains.

The great writer attached high importance to physical education – he liked to exercise in the early morning on the balcony or in nature.

Tumanyan would write tips on cards which he would attach under the photographs in the dining room so that his children would read and remember them. Among his tips were “Cleanliness is the basis of health”, “Please do not smoke”, “Healthy mind in a healthy body”.

He was sure that every Armenian should have one goal – to serve his people. And for this, you, first of all, need to strive to be healthy.

We conclude our short review on Hovhannes Tumanyan with his letter to his son Atavazd:

“Health and only health always and first of all. For a sick, weak man, no matter what he teaches, everything is empty. He can neither feel his life nor give life to something new. A human with a healthy mind and body filled with the knowledge of time and enlightenment – this is a true human.”

The material uses excerpts from the archives of the museum of Hovhannes Tumanyan

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