How old Armenian Churches

Fact: Ethiopia, Egypt, Syria, Jerusalem, Rome, and “Greece” PUT TOGETHER do not even have as many ancient Churches as ARMENIA, where the first and oldest Churches in the world were built. That is not a stab at my non-Armenian Christian brothers and sisters, because they had great ancestors that respected and honored my ancestors.

The small handful of old Churches in Jerusalem have left Christians from all over the world in amazement, but If you just take a trip to Armenia you will find Churches like that EVERYWHERE.

Even the animal reliefs, architectural designs, and symbols carved on the great walls and Churches in the holy land are IDENTICAL to the ones on ancient Churches in Armenia. Built by the same dynasty of ancient builders. It is interesting, where are the Roman and Byzantine ancient Christian stone Kingdoms, 1001 ancient Churches, Monasteries, Cathedrals, and thousands and thousands of Khatchkars like Armenia’s?

The sad part about being Armenian is that you have to sit and watch Armenians whine and complain about the empire assisting our enemies, allowing Turks and azeris to destroy our ancient cultural heritage, monuments, and stones.

Cry about the empire not recognizing the Armenian genocide, and allowing the enemy to take our land century after century. Being left for dead by the world powers time after time, but SOMEHOW this same empire has supposedly taught the world the truth about Armenian history and religion through their education system and academic institutions. Insanity.

Neo-Pagan Armenians are even more lost. They worship make-believe Armenian Gods that were ONLY ever mentioned by the Latin and Byzantine Christians in their literature during or since the 1600s. The same Latin and Byzantine Christians destroyed the one true Armenian Christianity, which was the Paulician dynasty. Of course, you will find many lies written about them by the empire as well.

Armenian neo-pagans hate Armenian-Christianity for supposedly destroying their pagan heritage while admiring so-called Armenian “Pagan” Kings that used “Greek” letters on their temples and stones instead of Armenian to tell their story.

Greek Byzantine-Koine inscriptions were carved on the stones over a thousand years after the temples were built. Armenians online will share manuscripts, and images and provide completely false dates, while having NO IDEA how old Armenian Churches are, or WHAT they are.

Source: The great pagan lie

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