Illustrations Of Grigor Khanjyan For The Poem Of Paruyr Sevak

Below are illustrations covering the tragic events of the history of Armenia made by Armenian artist Grigor Khanjyan for Paruyr Sevak’s poem “The Unsilenceable Belfry” (Անլռելի զանգակատուն). The central figure of the poem is composer Komitas and the story of his life and death.

The poem “The Unsilenceable Belfry” is the most significant creation of the great Armenian poet Paruyr Sevak. It revives the tragic fate of an outstanding musician, composer, scholar, and great son of the Armenian people Komitas.

At the same time, this is a poem about the high and difficult quest of the Armenian people on the path to social and spiritual liberation.

Armenian poet Paruyr Sevak dedicated the best years of his creative life to the poem “The Unsilenceable Belfry”. Even after the poem was published and enthusiastically met by the readers, Sevak continued to work on it until his untimely death.Read also: The Unsilenceable Belfry – Paruyr Sevak

Read also: The Unsilenceable Belfry – Paruyr Sevak

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