In Historical Armenia, Vandals Tried To Destroy The Cuneiform Writing Of King Menua

A 3000-year cuneiform writing from the period of the Kingdom of Van is in danger. This cuneiform writing was left by ruler of the Ancient Armenian state Menua and describes the king’s aggressive military campaigns. The monument is located in the village of Yazilitash of the Khorasan province in Erzurum (occupied by Turkey).

According to Atatürk University professor Alpaslan Ceylan, treasure hunters have repeatedly attempted to fragment the monument for sale. He also noted that the historical monument could be blown up at any time by thieves or vandals and urged authorities to take precautions.

Alfaslan Ceylan has been engaged in scientific work since 1998. During his visit to the village of Yazilitash, he witnessed the vandalism of a historical written monument. According to Ceylan, this could be done either by treasure hunters or people who want to erase traces of history. He noted that in a previous visit, he hadn’t noticed saw marks.

“This is another way to destroy our history with our own hands. What the enemy cannot do, we do with our own hands. They do this in search of gold.

The last line of this inscription reads: ‘May he who destroys this scripture be honored with the curse of the gods.’ There is no gold in the monument,” said Ceylan.

P.S. Remarkably, the professor said: “This is another way to destroy our history with our own hands.” What did he mean by “our”?


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