In the Country of Hayk – Through Hayots Dzor to Mount Nemrut

In the Country of Hayk“In this very country, passing through Hayots Dzor, an Armenian recalled his ancestor Hayk and his struggle with the titans. He showed Mount Nemrut to his sons where our ancestor Hayk had raised the body of the defeated Nimrod.

And, to show the arrogance of this titan to his country, he nailed his corpse to the top of the mountain and burned it.

Until now, the petrified camels that carried food supplies for the army of Nimrod stand at the foot of this mountain. They were petrified at the behest of an Armenian god.

And an Armenian always proudly remembers the victory of his forefather, hero Hayk. He proudly recalls that he is a descendant of such a great man who had descended from the heavens.”

Raffi “Sparks”

Mount Nemrut

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