Is It Easy to Change the Nature of Man? – Raffi

Is It Easy to Change the Nature of ManKaro himself rightly noted in his speech that “slavery entered into the flesh and blood of the people”, became its second nature. Is it easy to change the nature of man? Is it easy to deprive people of something that they had been embedded with for centuries?

What is the use that a few energetic personalities woke up, understood the good of the people, and tried to help their needs? What good would it be if the whole zeal of these few individuals were to perish fruitlessly and disappear without a trace among this universal indifference?

Their word would be the voice of one crying in the wilderness, and their union, as an alliance concluded with the inhabitants of the graves, could not lead to any good results.

Karo himself understood this well. He knew that the public was in the state of mad or drunk people who bathe in the mud and do not realize it and beat their heads against the walls and do not feel pain, although blood oozes from the wounds.

They are lying on the streets, and every kid beats them and pushes them with their feet, spits on them. But they do not feel insults and offenses – they lie quietly and serenely to themselves.

Karo knew all this. He knew that the people had nothing to eat, nothing to wear, that they suffered physically, but suffering, endured it all.

He knew that the people also suffered morally because their sons and daughters frequently became the victims of the passions and whims of landowners. But the people endured.

The people tolerated it because they didn’t consider their suffering and disgrace something irregular. Rather, they thought that things couldn’t be otherwise because they were subjects, and their “agha” had the right to do anything he wished with them…

And now, try to change and destroy the age-old prejudice! What can you do when the masses themselves do not protest against their oppressors, when they with mute obedience and patience endure all their misfortunes and disasters, when they, as Karo correctly noted in his speech, attribute all this to predestination from above and consider this law to be approved by God himself?


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