“Little Armenias Of The Rhone Valley” By Boris Adjemian Published In France

PARIS, Nouvelle d’Arménie, Nor Harach.

The publishing house “Lieux Dits” recently published “Les Petites Arménies de la vallée du Rhône” (“Little Armenias Of The Rhône Valley”) by Boris Adjemian.

The history of Armenian immigrants in France spans the entire 20th century and does not lose its relevance today. The Rhône Valley and its surroundings play an important role in this story because many Armenian migrants settled there.

These émigrés and their descendants took root in Valence, Montélimar, Vienne, Lyon, Saint-Étienne, Saint-Chamonix, and other areas of France.

After difficult times of denial, Armenians managed to found little Armenians in those places. Some of these dried up, while others survived, passing on their legacy.

Boris Adjemian wrote the history of these roots. His book tells the story of successive waves of emigration, the arrival of genocide survivors, the singing departure of those who left for Armenia (and the bitter return of some of them), and the story of those who arrived from Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon in the 1980s…

Read more about the book on the website www.lieuxdits.fr

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