Mher Mkrtchyan – Silence That Everyone Understood

Mher Mkrtchyan – Silence

Mher Mkrtchyan’s performance of the role of Baghdasar in the 1600-seat theater in Los Angeles made a stunning impression on non-Armenian viewers as well.

“After the scene of madness… I stayed on the stage for one minute and was silent for three minutes. At first, I looked at the viewers, thinking about what kind of world this was. Then, tears came from my eyes, and I began to play with my fingers – for a long, long time.

In the hall, there was a deathly silence: I cried, and so did they… Then, I smiled softly – everyone smiled slightly, then more. Everyone livened up and burst into applause.

After the performance, behind the scenes, the main director of the theater, Richard Belly, approached me and, through an interpreter, asked in English: ‘How did you remain silent for three minutes and made me understand everything?’

I replied: ‘Translate that I was silent in English.’ He got very fond of my humor, hugged me, and said: ‘And I understood in Armenian.’”

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