Misclassification of Armenian art as Islamic, On the ignorance of the Western art world

Frankly, I am tired of the ignorance of the Western art world that misattributes Armenian art to others or classifies it as Islamic.

Here is the official description of this Robe:

“From the collection of the Courtauld Gallery’s renowned collection of Islamic metalwork a medieval woven silk and gold thread robe. It was crafted in Central Asia in the 13th century”

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Clockwise from left:

  • 1) The Robe;
  • 2) Carving from the 10th Century Armenian Holy Cross Cathedral on the Island of Akhtamar;
  • 3) Doors of St. Sargis Church (1371) in Crimea. The cruciform style is common in Armenian art. It’s comprised of two mirror images of an outline of an Armenian Church.

And finally, the Armenians were major traders of Silk. The trade road that linked China, Central Asia, and Iran with the capital of the Byzantine Empire Constantinople passed through Dvin, Armenia.
The Silk Road from Armenia through the ‘Stans’ to China, was a little-known trading route until it was discovered by Marco Polo in the 13th century

by Arto Tavukciyan

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