Monastery of Holy Virgin, Neghuts, Armenia

Monastery of Holy Virgin, Neghuts

The Monastery of Holy Virgin is located 1 km northwest of the village of Arzakan. It consists of a church, a porch, and a separate chapel.

Arzakan was known as Artavazdakan in the Middle Ages. This village is famous for its numerous hot springs. Near the monastery is a cemetery rich in khachkars.

The church with a domed appearance was built in the 10th-11th centuries. The dome and the southern wall of the church are now dilapidated. Oratories are placed at the church’s corners. The eastern side is ornamented with triangular Armenian niches.

The walls of the porch feature 18th-century inscriptions. The base of the porch has a rectangular appearance and has four free-standing columns. The central part of the porch’s roofing ends with a dome, with six arches intertwining with each other. It is worth noting that the porch has two beautifully decorated entrances, the main one being in the south.

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Armenian church Neghuts Monastery

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