Monte Melkonyan and Kristapor Ivanyan

Monte Melkonyan and Kristapor Ivanyan

In 2017 was published the book of Senor Hasratyan “Heroes”, representing the life and activity of Heroes of Artsakh, holders of the Golden Eagle order Monte Charles Melkonyan (Avo) and Kristapor Ivan Ivanyan.

Artsakhpress reports that the book aims to immortalize the Artsakh national liberation struggle that unfolded at the end of the 20th century, which gave rise to an entire constellation of the greatest Armenian heroes. Monte Melkonyan and Kristapor Ivanyan are the unfading stars of this constellation.

In the preface of the book, the author writes:

Monte Melkonyan and Kristapor Ivanyan were individuals whose life and lessons left to descendants are worthy of imitation and learning.

They were individuals who, born far from their homeland, endlessly “suffered” from the silent desire to live in their homeland and enrich themselves with it. They arrived here due to the same urge and call of blood.

They arrived to prove the sacred right and duty to serve the country, to support their people. In the end, they left an eternal, unfading reality. A reality which acquired wisdom through the integrity of the homeland and the individual.”

The book “Heroes” by Senor Hasratyan was printed by the Stepanakert publishing house “Dizak Plus”.

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