On the Lifetime Portrait of Jesus Christ – Tigran Khzmalyan

On the Lifetime Portrait of Jesus Christ

For a long time, I could not understand what shocked me more in this program – the film or the preface. It most likely was the preface, probably because I was more or less familiar with the material of the film.

The author of the film is Tigran Khzmalyan, a well-known director, screenwriter, producer, and more recently a political figure and co-chairman of the European Party of Armenia.

The film has been shot for ten years. The reasons for the delayed release of the film are explained in the preface. My feelings about the preface are subjective, and I won’t give any comments, though I do have a lot to say.

In addition, the story of the film and the film itself can overshadow everything negative. The film is in Armenian. Maybe later, it will make sense to translate into Italian and English. Enjoy watching.

Bac tv. Բաց TV-ն ներկայացնում է Տիգրան Խզմալյանի “Քրիստոսի Կենդանագիր Պատկերը” հեռուստաֆիլմը․․․

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