Our Faith Is Righteous – Garegin Nzhdeh – Quotes

“We believe that after Calvary, the Resurrection will come. And our faith is righteous. We foresee the great future of the Armenian Fatherland and tremblingly kneel before this divine vision. We look forward to its future happiness. And seven times we are proud that we are Armenians.”

“Someone who is craven is a scarecrow that can only scare away sparrows but not vultures. To be cowardly, to be a coward, and to dream of an independent homeland – isn’t it ridiculous? Isn’t it ridiculous to be a sheep and complain about a wolf? You became a sheep, so do not be surprised at the arrival of the wolf. Peace and independence belong to the courageous, for ‘the courageous walk the way of God.’”

“We must not allow the Russian Bolsheviks and Turks to become masters of the Armenian lands.”

“Mountains are the eagle thrones of freedom whose cloudy peaks have often taken the first kisses of the Sun on their proud forehead.”

“Enemies are like dogs. They attack only those who are afraid, for the latter know the enemy but don’t know themselves. Know and educate yourself fearless.”

“There is no death or loss in space. There is gradual inspiration of matter, endless development of the spirit, and perfection.”

“First of all, to be a human means to feel in your soul the presence of some lofty goal. This means invariably feeling the burning of this sacred flame within you. The highest goal and the relentless pursuit of it – this is what gives us the right to be called a human. A living sun that gives the environment its inner light and warmth – only a person like this ceases to be the wretched creature whom one famous moralist branded in anger as “a living corpse’” (This refers to Leo Tolstoy and the protagonist of his play “Living Corpse” Protasov).

Garegin Nzhdeh

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