Paradox of the Armenian Alphabet

Ancient Armenian city now called – Erzrum – in modern-day Turkey, was changed from Armenian city of Artzrum. Although it was also called – Karin, it’s original names was Artzrum, as it was another region of metallurgy where silver and gold were smelted. In Armenian, Artz means “Silver”. Artz(at) is a variant name for “silver.” Therefore, Artzrum converted to Erzrum. Remember, there was the Artzruni Dynasty, which were sprung from Artzrum, as being the keepers of treasures.

As a matter of fact Artz, written as ԱՐԾ in Armenian, has a sum of 47, which coincides with the proton number of 47 for silver Ag in the periodic table (Ա+Ր+Ծ = 1+32+14 = 47). Furthermore, Artzr written as ԱՐԾՐ is a combination of silver and gold, which has a sum of 79, which is the proton number for Gold (Ա+Ր+Ծ+Ր = 1+32+14+32 = 79). Voski is a name for gold in Armenian, written as (ՈՍԿԻ= 24+29+15+11=79) and its sum is 79, proton number for Gold in the periodic table.

Setyan, V. “Paradox of the Armenian Alphabet” (Summer, 2021).

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