People Are Stronger Than Penury And Violence – Garegin Nzhdeh – Quotes

“A nation is much stronger than temporary disasters, penury, or violence.”

“A nation that does not prefer death to shame is barbaric and ungrateful, unworthy of the homeland – it will always be doomed to torment.”

“Glory to them, the heroes who can ironize danger and death.”

“Die so that your death also serves the homeland – this is how I understand patriotism.”

“I cannot forgive two things in an individual – his meanness which feeds on his moral weakness and his weakness from which comes his villainy.”

“Having the imprint of the history and nature of Armenia, I am an Armenian. By thoughts and experience, however, I am a man, a world man. I am the friend of the unjustly convicted, brother of the martyr, and the ally of those fighting at different poles for a more just world. My desire is a more humane humanity.”

“It would be better for an Armenian to be dumb than dissenting.”

“I do not give a damn about your execution. You must understand who you are dealing with. I am Garegin Nzhdeh, a convinced enemy of Bolshevism that devoted his life to the uncompromising struggle for the freedom and independence of his people. I defended Zangezur from the Turks and Turkish Bolsheviks. Would I really be afraid of your execution? Many have scared me with execution, but it hasn’t worked out,” Garegin Nzhdeh to the Soviet KGB.

“First comes a cemetery of heroes and martyrs, then comes a free and happy homeland.”

“Armenia and self-defense are two of my deities.”

“The fate of the gods and superhumans-geniuses is to be alone.”

“The human is not the pitiful weak creature that the short-sighted theory of worship of material values is trying to make us think he is. He is almost omnipotent when he realizes that there is a sea of hidden power in him that could be freely used by a self-recognized person.”

Garegin Nzhdeh

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