Saint Gevorg Monastery of Mughni

St. Gevorg or better known as the Mughni church, is located on the southern edge of the Mughni village in the Aragatsotn region of Armenia. Supposedly, it was founded in the first half of the 13th century by Hovhannavank’s congregation. St. Gevorg’s relics were brought here after its foundation.

The church of Saint Gevork is a rectangular domed basilica built of black, yellow, and red tuff stones.

St. Gevorg Monastery of Mughni in Armenia was a prominent cultural and religious center where already in 1278 manuscripts were copied. The church was destroyed and restored several times. The monastery also had a school that was founded by bishop Abel Mkhitaryan who later documented the history of the monastery.

In the churchyard,there are khachkars (cross-stones), the oldest of which dates back to 932. There is also a khachkar of 1975, which no one knows who brought there.

St Gevorg Monastery of Mughni used to be a famous sanctuary where lots of people with different diseases came to cure. The day of the pilgrimage to St. Gevorg Monastery of Mughni is the last Saturday in September.

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