Statue Of Grandfather And Grandmother – Symbol Of Artsakh

54 years ago, at the doorstep of Stepanakert and on one of its heights, a statue of “Grandfather and Grandmother” (“tatik-papik” in Armenian, also called “We Are Our Mountains”) was erected, symbolizing Artsakh and the Armenian heritage of the region.

In 1964, a world exhibition was held in the Italian city of Carrara. Along with the works of famous authors, the exhibition featured creations by Sarkis Baghdasaryan – Honored Sculptor, People’s Artist of Armenia, State Prize Laureate, and a native of Banadzor (a village in the Hadrut province of Artsakh). One of the presented works of his was the sculpture “We Are Our Mountains”.

Few people know that Baghdasaryan depicted his grandfather and grandmother from Artsakh on this sculpture.

The sculpture was christened as “We Are Our Mountains” by writer and historian Bagrat Ulubabyan.

The monument has no pedestal, giving the impression that the hill under it as if had cracked, giving birth to the sculpture, with its feet sunken into the Homeland’s soil.

Source:, translation by Art-A-Tsolum.

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