The Ancient Family Of Bznuni – If Only Stones Could Speak

Originally, members of the Bznuni family occupied the position of leaders among the Armenian nobility. With time, the family branched out toward chief military ranks. Bznuni members are repeatedly mentioned in royal chronicles and military letters.

The ancestral symbol of the Bznuni clan was a hawk, which later became the basis of the family’s coat of arms.

During the reign of Trdat III, the Bznuni were entrusted with the Dzora border pass as military leaders and border managers.

Despite this, during the reign of Khosrov Kotak, Prince Databen Bznuni disobeyed the centrist authorities and rebelled against the king. In the battle of Arest, Vache Mamikonian smashed many of the rebels, while the rest chose to flee. Databen Bznuni was brought to the king in chains and, in accordance with the law, as a traitor, was sentenced to death by stoning.

Later, the Bznuni property was confiscated and became part of the royal estates.

The stone pictured below displays the grape Tree of Life. It was found in Khlat – a city referred to as the capital of Bznuni in historical chronicles. Almost nothing is left of this once mighty city – I found this piece by accident… If only stones could speak.

Sukias Torosyan

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