The Armenian Army Was Formed From All Armenians – Battle Of Sardarapat

When Russia treacherously left the region after the Bolshevik revolution, leaving the devastated allied Armenia face to face with Turkey, it became obvious that it was necessary to prepare for war not for life but for death.

Expectations came true…. The Turkish army under the command of Yakub Shevka launched a massive attack on Armenia, trying to break through to the Ararat plain. Then, the Battle of Sardarapat took place.

It is important to note that under the threat of the complete extermination of the nation, the Armenian army in this period formed from all Armenians – Armenians from Western, Eastern Armenias and Artsakh.

During the Battle of Sardarapat, the Turkish army on the left bank of the Araks River first suffered heavy losses from a squad of Zeytun Armenians. Then, a strike was dealt from the rear by the Khnus regiment and two hundred Mush Armenians under the command of Pandukht (Mikael Seryan).

The final act of the battle was the frontal attack of the Artsakh regiment under the command of Poghos Pirumyan.

Losing 3500 soldiers, the defeated remains of the Turkish army left the territory of Armenia.

On May 28, 1918, Armenia declared independence.

2 years later, Russia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan would jointly attack Armenia, but that’s another story.


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