The Armenian Tradition Of Sacrificial Lavash Bread

Do you know that a tradition of sacrificial lavash exists in the Armenian culture?

To bake sacrificial lavash, flour should be collected from seven houses, not just taken out of a chest or bought in a store. The dough for the sacrificial lavash is then kneaded without salt so it stays tasteless.

Next, the sacrificial lavash should be handed out to seven houses in need of bread, help, and food. The donors of this lavash distribute it themselves, passing from house to house.

Note: Sacrifices or matagh in the Armenian Apostolic Church are performed for various reasons, more often as gratitude to God or as a request for assistance. Most often, matagh is performed as a vow for the successful outcome of something – for example, a son’s comeback from the army or a family member’s recovery from a serious illness.

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