The Creations of Artist Rubik Kocharyan

The Creations of Artist Rubik KocharyanRubik Kocharyan is a fine artist living and working in California, US. During his fruitful career, he has created more than 1,000 original oil paintings and drawings.

Rubik Kocharyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia, in 1940. His family was exiled to Siberia in 1946 due to the Stalin regime. Rubik obtained the base of his skills and knowledge studying under Ivan Pavlov, a Russian artist in exile. After the return of the family to Yerevan in 1953, Rubik entered the Terlemezian Art School, where he would study under several prominent Armenian artists. In 1955, he entered the Moscow School of Art. Later, he would have the opportunity to study Old Masters at the Pushkin Museum.

In 1959, Rubik returned to Yerevan to work with leading influential artists and receive his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Yerevan State Institute nearly a decade later, in 1968. In the following years, Rubik participated in numerous shows in Armenia, as well as throughout the Soviet Union.

In 1974, Rubik emigrated to the United States, arriving with no money or paintings: he was forced to leave the latter behind in Russia. During the difficulties of his first years in the US, Rubik managed to found a studio on Madison Avenue in New York City, which he filled with his newly created works. His creations would be featured in a number of galleries in New York, as well as in Washington, DC.

Between 1980 and 1982, Rubik created a series of paintings in Greece, which had been ordered by a collector. The artist moved to Los Angeles in 1986, where he had already been represented by Heritage Gallery and other exhibitions. Since 1996, Rubik has been living in Clovis, California. Many of his works are now in private collections or have been and are featured in museums in America and Russia. You could follow his activities on his official Facebook page as well.


Chariot Race by Rubik Kocharian
Bowl of Pomegranates by Rubik Kocharian
Akhtamar (Based on Armenian Legend), 2002 by Rubik Kocharian
Incense Burner 2005 by Rubik Kocharian
Golden Chalice 2005 by Rubik Kocharian
Mithradates VI Greeted at the Shrine of Goddess Anahit 2010 by Rubik Kocharian
Girl with Shield 2010 by Rubik Kocharian
E-World 2004 by Rubik Kocharian
The Apostles Thaddeus and Bartholomew in Armenia 2010 by Rubik Kocharian
Pomegranate Dance 2010 by Rubik Kocharian
Lady of Urartu 2005 by Rubik Kocharian
White Elephant 1990 by Rubik Kocharian
Collectibles 2005 by Rubik Kocharian
Sacrifice for Shedu 2002 by Rubik Kocharian
Urartian Sculptor 2008 by Rubik Kocharian
Mithradates & Tigranes 2008 by Rubik Kocharian
The Mithridate Wine 2009 by Rubik Kocharian
Tigranakert in its Glory 2003 by Rubik Kocharian
Welcoming Queen Sheba 2004 by Rubik Kocharian
Oedipus in the Temple of Apollo 2002 by Rubik Kocharian
Pomegranates & Grapes by Rubik Kocharian
Mortar and Pestle 2000 by Rubik Kocharian
Cherubs with Goddess Anahit 2012 by Rubik Kocharian
Evening Ride 2011 by Rubik Kocharian
Daisy Tiara 2009 by Rubik Kocharian
Seven Dates 2008 by Rubik Kocharian
Finding Venus 2004 by Rubik Kocharian
Phaeton’s Chariot Struck by Zeus 2011 by Rubik Kocharian
Girl in Blue 2002 by Rubik Kocharian
Peppers and Mugs 2006 by Rubik Kocharian
Pomegranates on Tree by Rubik Kocharian
Cherubs with Zvartnots Cathedral Eagle 2012 by Rubik Kocharian. Cherubs with the Vase 2006 by Rubik Kocharian
Self Portrait 2011 by Rubik Kocharian. Artist’s Muse 2003 by Rubik Kocharian

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