The Early Christian Culture Of Artsakh

Archaeological studies of recent years in Artsakh have found interesting elements of early Christian culture in its territory. The head of the Artsakh archaeological expedition Hamlet Petrosyan announced this in an interview with reporters of “Armenpress”.

According to Petrosyan, during the archaeological excavations of the temple of Surb-Stepanos of Vachar, an interesting mausoleum was discovered near its eastern aisle.

“In Vachar, we discovered a mausoleum, a church, a chapel, 50 new khachkars (cross-stones), and up to 2 dozen new inscriptions,” said Hamlet Petrosyan.

“It’s important that Vachar is located only 1.5 km from the road to Gandzasar and that a sponsor has assisted us with the excavations,” added Petrosyan.

According to Petrosyan, during excavations in Dadivank last year, an underground passage 6.5 meters long was discovered under a small domed church.

“Unfortunately, nothing could be found there. Before, no excavations have been carried out under our church buildings. But today, it turns out that many of them are based on old graves or shelters,” said Hamlet Petrosyan.

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