The Enemy Must Be Beaten With His Own Weapon – Raffi’s “Khent”

The Enemy Must Be Beaten

“You gave a good example, headman, I completely agree with you,” Dudukchyan noted, “But you have to keep in mind another thing. I’ll try to explain it to you.

Let’s take your example. Suppose that you do not weed your seedlings. What will happen?

Weeds will sprout, drown out the seedlings, and destroy them. This is a kind of struggle in which the stronger defeats the weak. This is a kind of war in the plant world in which one, defending itself, seeks to destroy the other.

This is called self-defense, and nature itself teaches it to us. Everything that is able to grow and multiply on earth has the ability to fight for its existence. This property is given by nature to a lesser extent to some and a greater extent to others.

Plants, animals, people – all have this ability. Only stones and other inanimate objects cannot protect themselves, and where there is life, there is a struggle for existence, and in this struggle, everyone strives not only to save himself but also to destroy his enemies.

Now, I think you understand my idea, don’t you?” he continued, “Everything that happens in the world of plants and animals takes place in human society as well – there is struggle for existence, but only in a more acute form, and it manifests itself in different ways.

In accordance with the culture and level of development of a nation, its self-defense tools are also changing (by tools I mean not only a sword or rifle but also crafts and sciences with which one nation competes with another). Less civilized nations use a simpler weapon – a saber.

It is with these weapons that the Turks and Kurds are fighting against us. The law of self-defense requires to beat the enemy with his own weapons. It would be foolish of me to demand our people of what they are not capable of.

I am not suggesting to take up arms to destroy the Turks and Kurds and undividedly own the land that our grandfathers have bequeathed to us. I’m talking about something else – that we need to learn self-defense. Otherwise, the Turks and Kurds will destroy us.

I reiterate – this is not about war but about self-defense.”

Raffi – “Khent”

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