The Fate Of The Army Is Determined By The Human Spirit – Garegin Nzhdeh

“And although today’s weapons are mostly mathematical, the fate of the armies is and will be determined by the human spirit today, tomorrow, and forever.

The nation that along with the improvement of military equipment does not improve its warrior will not achieve anything substantial. From random and “stolen victories”, not a single country has received anything.

It’s good, of course, to have one firearm more, but even a thousandfold superiority is completely meaningless when the soldiers haven’t soaked in the heroic spirit that has become reconciled with the idea of death.

The irresistible desire to command and obey, the urge to meet difficulties, the thirst for death in battle on a haughty horse – in today’s language, Legionism; Muridism, as a Caucasian highlander would say; or Taronakanutyun in Armenian – this is what makes the weapon accurate and victorious in the hands of a warrior.

What brought us, the Armenians, the victory at Sardarapat and Karakilisa – the non-existent superiority in numbers and armament, or maybe a brilliant battle plan? Neither one nor the other – rather, it was our vow, our will to die but not see the Turk in Yerevan and Etchmiadzin.

Yes, the human and his spirit will be the engine of military equipment tomorrow and forever. And despite this, thanks to materialism and a special feeling of envy inherent in democracy, oil was proclaimed the main hero of war instead of the spirit.”

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