The First Scene in Armenian In US Cinematography – Hollywood, 1958

The First Scene in Armenian In US

“The Deep Six” is a famous American film about World War II. In this film, an episode in Armenian appeared for the first time in Hollywood history.

One of the heroes of the film is the US Navy sailor Aaron Slobodjian played by American actor and musician of Armenian descent Ross Bagdasarian Sr. In the film, the character of Bagdarasarian Sr. invited his colleagues to an institution where they were treated with Armenian dolma, kyufta, and other dishes.

Armenian speech is also heard in an episode in a restaurant where Slobodjian, climbing the stage, in fluent Armenian presented his comrades-in-arms to the public.

“Friends, let’s show our sailor friends what real Armenian hospitality is!” Slobodjian said, switching to English.

The Deep Six is one of the most famous Hollywood films about WWII. The film was directed by Rudolph Maté and released in 1958. The film’s protagonist was played by Hollywood star Alan Ladd, who also produced the film.


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